Five pounds free credit to join the UK's fastest growing network

Get yourself £5 free credit by clicking on the image below and topping up with a tenner

Wouldn't it be great to be part of a network that is focused on the community that uses it...

giffgaff is that network

It is really simple. They have cut the bumpf that the other operators have and uses people like you to market and respond to simple queries. By doing this, it has been able to cut its costs and pass the savings back to you.

Using a system that combines cheap PAYG and contract, it offers users the ability to decide how much they are going to use over the month and buy the package that suits them. You decide how much you pay each month depending on what you think you are going to use.

    For example
  • If you are only going to use 250 minutes and internet, you can spend a tenner.
  • If you are going to use 800 minutes and internet you can spend twenty quid
  • If you are going to use 1500 minutes and internet you can spend twenty five quid

The goodybag is like a month long contract. The only downside is that once you have used all of the minutes on your goodybag, you cannot get a new one until the month is up (which is like what happens now with your contract but at very expensive rates).

Example 1

You buy a tenner goodybag on 21st January. You use 240 minutes by 21st February. You only pay a tenner.

Example 2

You buy a tenner goodybag on 21st January. You use 250 minutes by 7th February. For any remaining minutes, you have to pay for each extra minute using your credit at giffgaff's cheap rates until 21st February when you can buy another goodybag.

It's like a contract but you pick your contract before the month starts, giving you the choice.

But wait, there's more. Ever sit there on the bus, train or twiddling your thumbs waiting for something to happen. You could use that spare time to cut your mobile bill. Thanks to Payback, you can join the community in your spare time and answer questions. As you answer more and more questions, you rise through the bands and gain more points. Every six months, points means credit, cash or a charitable donation.

Like the idea! Join giffgaff

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